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Mallorca: luxury living on the sunny island

Mallorca, the largest of the three Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain, impresses on the one hand by its Mediterranean landscape and the warm Mediterranean climate, on the other hand by their cultural life. This diversity makes the island popular with anyone who wants to make their leisure time or their vacation stylish and varied. The hills of the island offer the opportunity to go on extended hikes in nature. Numerous bays and beaches invite you to relax in the sun.

The center of the island, Palma de Mallorca, offers exclusive boutiques, cafes and restaurants, the opportunity to get to know the lively side of Mallorca. Both the capital of the island and other places on the west coast of Majorca have marinas where also meet the rich and beautiful. And no matter if you settle down in one of the homes in the posh town of Son Vida, Santa Ponsa or Port Andratx, a golf course is never far away.

Exclusive residential properties for every style

Mallorca's diversity is also evident in the extensive range of residential properties on offer. Whether with a view of the sea or nestled in the rolling hills of the island: Mallorca offers properties and estates in prime locations for the most discerning tastes. Son Vida and Port Andratx are among the most noble residential addresses on the island. All three towns are located on the west coast of the island and offer a pleasant Mediterranean climate even in winter. While Son Vida is located directly on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca, the island's capital can be reached in a very short time from the other two towns. Those who choose one of the properties in Port Andratx have the mountains and the sea right on their doorstep. The town itself also offers attractive leisure options for every taste: from numerous sights to traditional town festivals and an exclusive marina. An indispensable activity for residents and visitors to Santa Ponsa is a stroll along the seafront promenade. In each of the three towns, there are also various water sports that make a visit to the beach a unique experience. Those who buy property here in Mallorca can enjoy this extensive range of attractions and entertainment every day.

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Houses and Villas in Mallorca

Houses and villas on Mallorca score points for their high quality of stay. With such luxurious Mallorca properties, you can enjoy the summer on well-kept plots with spacious terraces and generous pools. The interiors of the properties are equipped with all imaginable extras and sweeten your everyday life. Purists get their money's worth when buying a house in Mallorca or renting a design villa with upscale luxury furnishings. Large window fronts, geometric shapes and modern materials characterise these architect-designed houses. The charm of Mallorca can be enjoyed in a particularly stylish and authentic way in properties built in the Mediterranean style. The villas and houses on Mallorca always impress with their representative character and thus become an unsurpassable status symbol.

Houses and Villas in Mallorca
Apartments in Mallorca

Apartments in Mallorca

Whether as a holiday home, second home or rental property - buying a house on Mallorca or owning a flat there is a worthwhile investment. All flats are luxuriously furnished, located in Mallorca's best areas and offer many special features. Large sun terraces, unobstructed views of the sea or the rolling hills of Mallorca as well as spacious rooms characterise the flats. The penthouses in particular offer a lot of space and privacy. This exclusive form of top-floor flat is often characterised by terraces all around, which allow an unrestricted view of the surroundings. You will also find luxury flats for rent or sale on Mallorca that are modernly furnished and fully equipped.

Fincas in Mallorca

Fincas have always characterised the landscape of Mallorca. In the past, these properties were the country residences of farmers and their families, but today they are popular residential properties with a rustic flair for sophisticated tastes. The Mediterranean character of the fincas can be felt both inside the houses and in the outdoor areas with terraces and pools. Historical details such as natural stone masonry, round arches and shutters provide a particularly authentic living feeling. On Mallorca, you can buy lovingly renovated old buildings or newly built fincas.

Fincas in Mallorca

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10 Years Of Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you any doubt let us clearify.

In general, the southwest of Mallorca is a particularly sought-after area. Top locations include Son Vida, Bendinat and Puerto de Andratx. But other places have their charm: A finca in the countryside, the area around Santa Maria is also very interesting because of its proximity to Palma and the rural flair. Basically, real estate near the sea, or with sea views are very popular with the buyers.
When renting a property, a commission of 2 months’ rent plus 21% VAT is usually due. This is paid by the renter.
Usually the commission for a property sale ranges between 5 and 6%. Here in Spain, the seller pays the commission.
First of all, we have a large portfolio of clients to whom we can offer your property. In addition, we check the customers carefully, you do not take the risk that "real estate tourists" look at your property. We make sure that they are serious buyers. We present your object in a professional way, take professional photos, etc. In addition, we are available to help you with the purchase, which is particularly helpful if you are not familiar with the real estate sector in Spain and may not speak the language.
Square meter prices are often misleading. In Mallorca, it makes the most sense to compare with other properties. Based on the location, size, equipment, condition, we can determine a market price.
The Property Transfer Tax (Impuesto sobre transmissions patriomoniales) is payable on purchase. Basis of assessment here is the selling price of the property. But the tax office can check the price and subsequently determine a higher value. The Property Transfer Tax in the Balearic Islands is staggered as follows: up to 400,000 euros: 8% | up to 600,000 euros: 9% | up to 700,000 euros: 10% | over 1.000,001 Euro: 11%. In the case of new buildings, the IVA/VAT (Impuesto sobre el valor añadido) is charged instead of the Property Transfer Tax: the tax rate for apartments and houses is 10%. The stamp duty (AJD - Impuesto sobre Actos Jurídicos Documentados) in the Balearic Islands is currently 1% and must be paid by the buyer. There are also notary fees (about 0.2 to 0.3%) and the registration fee (about 0.2%) and possibly legal fees (about 1%).
The increment value tax (Plusvalía) is based on the appreciation of a property. It is calculated according to the cadastral value. The tax is paid by law by the seller, but it is quite common for the buyer to pay the tax. Capital gains tax: The profit on the sale of a property is taxed at 19% (non-resident tax). If the seller is not resident in Spain, the buyer retains 3% of the purchase price for security and has to pay this amount to the tax office within one month.
Tax on immovable real estate assets (IBI): This annual tax is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value. It is different in each community. | Income tax: Those who spend more than 183 days in Spain will become resident. The resident is subject to the Spanish tax liability, which means that he has to declare his income tax in Spain (impuesto sobre la renta de personas físicas, IRPF). But also non-residents are obliged to an annual tax declaration. Even if you do not rent your property and use it yourself, the tax office assumes a fictitious "profit" through the property, which must be taxed. | Property tax: In the Balearic Islands, both residents and non-residents are taxed on the wealth that is on Spanish soil, in other words savings, stocks ... even real estate. There are tax free amounts (700,000 euros) and differences in the level of tax rates for residents and non-residents. | In addition, other ongoing costs such as garbage fees are added. If your property is part of a community, then there are expenses for administration, pool maintenance, conservation, etc.
If you have found the right property, it is common in Mallorca to conclude a reservation or option contract. The period between reservation and the actual purchase can be used e.g. to apply for a mortgage or to legally inspect the property. The option contract is valid without a notarial deed. By making a reservation, the seller reserves the property for a fixed period of time to the potential buyer for a reservation fee (approximately 10% of the purchase price). The fee is credited to the purchase price. If the purchase is not made by the buyer, the owner retains this fee. In the opposite case, the seller also compensates the buyer with the same amount.
You need at the notary appointment: The first step is to apply for a Spanish tax code (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). It is required for all legal transactions (purchase of real estate, registration for water, electricity, etc.). | passport or identity card | The sales document (Escritura) of the property | Payment receipt of property tax (IBI) | For flats: proof of payment of the community expenses issued by the President | Deed | The proof that the last bills for electricity, gas, water, etc. have been paid | Energy certificate
The certificate of habitability (Cedula de Habitabilidad) is not necessarily to be presented to the notary for the purchase of a property. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to have this document. It is valid for 10 years and can be re-applied afterwards. Without the certificate one cannot get contracts for water, electricity, etc.
Very different. If you are in possession of all documents and have a NIE number, the sale may be completed within a few weeks. If you have concluded an option contract and this provides for a long term, the time of the transfer may take several months.
The conditions are usually a bit different than in other countries. Most of the mortgages that are granted in Spain are linked to Euribor and therefore the interest rate is variable. But in recent years, banks have also offered the possibility of taking out a mortgage with a fixed interest rate.
There are differences here for Spaniards and foreigners. As a rule, locals get about 80% of the property financed, with foreigners it is only 70%. The mortgage amount and the term are of course crucial. In general, mortgages are granted in such a way that the amount is paid off for a maximum of 70 years.
Yes, we also offer high quality rental properties for long-term and short-term rentals.
The rental period for the long-term rental is one year. Thereafter, the contract is extended automatically, each time for 1 year up to 3 years, should it not be terminated by the renter. There are some differences in Spanish tenancy law, so you should inform yourself before signing a contract.
Long-term rental is valid from the rental period of one year. Short-term rental is the weekly rental of a property, usually to tourists. There is also the seasonal rental, this is also regulated by law. The landlord leaves the tenant for a fixed period of time the property. Here, the duration of the lease is freely agreed by both parties without a minimum term. This type of contract differs from the tourist rental and is e.g. completed due to a temporary move.
Long term rental is generally allowed. The situation is different with tourist rental: If you want to rent your house or apartment to tourists, you must apply for a license from the Ministry of Tourism. The condition is that the property is located in a zone in which the holiday rental is allowed. In the Governmental Zone Plan (PIAT), a distinction is made between areas that are saturated with tourists and those that are not yet saturated. Basically, excepted from the tourist rental are properties that are located in tourist areas, such as Palma or the Playa de Palma. There are some requirements that must be met for a holiday rental: The property have been privately owned for at least five years, there must be a certificate of eligibility and in a community of owners the other residents must agree. The licenses are given per guest bed, a bed in an apartment is cheaper than that in a villa.
We have very good contacts to reliable property managers who take care of your property.
Yes, you need it. For smaller conversions, measures that do not affect structural elements, a small building permit (Obra Menor) is sufficient. For more extensive works that concern the structure of a property, you need a large building permit (Obra mayor).
If you stay in Spain for more than 183 days a year, you are considered a resident.
Yes, every owner of a property is obliged to submit a tax declaration on an annual basis, even if he does not rent his property and thus has no income.
Basically, occupation of a property is punishable. However, it has taken a long time to sue the squatters out of your own property. This procedure is now being accelerated by a new law. With the change in civil procedure law, it will be easier to evict real estate, at the latest within 20 days. The process will be accelerated as soon as the rights to the property have been clarified. The Okupas are asked to prove their entitlement to the property (for example, with a lease contract). If they do not provide these documents, the court orders the immediate eviction. No appeal is possible against this decision. For example, eviction, which used to take months and years, can take less than 20 days. This does not affect legally renting residents who, for example, can not pay their rent.
Once a year, around Easter time, our magazine with real estate and exciting topics is published. The magazine is located at all major hotels, restaurants, ... in Mallorca. We also send it to our customers and it will be presented digitally on our website. If you are interested in an advertisement for your company or product, please contact us by e-mail ([email protected]). You can book a whole page or a double page: 1 page: 2.950 € + VAT Double page: 4,500 € + VAT Proportions: A4 (297x210 mm + 3mm cut) Resolution: 300 dpi Format: JPG, PDF
While 2023 real estate prices collapsed in many places due to significantly increased interest rates, the real estate price development in Mallorca recorded a slight increase at the beginning of the year compared to the same period last year. Mallorca is known as a "quiet haven" and remains popular due to its upscale status.
Depending on the size and condition of the house, the total size of the property, location and previous use, the prices for a finca in Mallorca vary greatly, of course. So it is quite possible that you will find offers for fincas in the low single-digit million range to the double-digit million range.
The amount of property tax varies from municipality to municipality and is based on the cadastral value of the property as well as a fixed tax rate, which is usually between 0.4 and 1.1% (urban location) or 0.3 and 0.9% (rural location). In some cases, higher rates may apply. We would be happy to inform you about the current costs around the property tax for a current property. By the way, Mallorca has determined that the property tax does not have to be paid in one amount. Also important: Since 2022, a new tax law applies in Spain, in which the cadastral reference values have been adjusted.

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